About us And how Everything Started

Fabryka Piwa is Wojciech Warzyszyński and Marcin Krzystanek – privately father-in-law and son-in-law. Wojtek is an experienced brew master. Soon after graduating Food Technology studies with major in brewing, he started his career in a medium size brewery. Wojtek’s life revolved around brewing – he actually used to live inside a brewery, and had an incident of… beer running from his bath tub! It happened only once, but it’s a true story! Wojtek worked also as a technologist and consultant in a few smaller Polish breweries and recently he lead the launching of a Cistercian Brewery in Szczyrzyc.

Our motto

Our motto is simple "we brew beers that we would like to drink ourselves". We do our best to make our beers excellent and we eagerly listen to your opinions and feedback. Welcome - join the fans of Fabryka Piwa and help us brew fantastic beer!