New beers in mid-April

Hi Everyone! Soon after well-received Mr. John Smokey (Robust Porter) i Pacific Avenue (West Coast Pale Ale), we present you 2 brand new beers: White Dwarf (Wit IPA) oraz Red Dwarf (Red IPA). Enjoy! FP

Piwowary 2016 Beer Festival

We have visited Piwowary Beer Festival in Łódź, Poland, thanks to co-operation with z Portal Piwny. Two new beers were introduced: Mr John Smokey (Robust Porter) and Pacific Avenue (West Coast Pale Ale), both of which were well received. Soon two new beers and many more festivals. See you there!

Bok Bok returns

Hi! Soon in good shops and pubs you will find our Double Bock. Perfect for a cold winter evening!


Hi! This is how out Rakau Single Hop may soon look like.


We have good news! Fabryka Piwa started cooperation with 3 gross-selles: ALEX W KRAINIE PIWA in Wrocław, Poland,, GEKON in Olsztyn, Poland,, as well as DARS  in Lubin, Poland Their exact locations could found at our distribution map. Best wishes, FP

Go East! There must be some kind of civilisation!

Title of this post contains a citation by Maks from a classic Polish movie Sexmission (by Juliusz Machulski) that is undoubtedly true. That is why we decided to move East as well and start collaboration with whole-seller Regionalne Przysmaki Sp. z o.o. from Białystok. Beautiful city. We have been there, we saw it and we heartily recommend […]

We are in Łódź!

Łodź brings back good memories because it is where we have been studying 🙂 We are happy to announce that from now on our beers will be available in Łódź and neighbouring towns thanks to our co-operation with Zofmar BIS whole-seller! Cheers! Fabryka Piwa

Bigger volume!

Hello! We have not been very active in the web lately but it does not mean we were on holidays 🙂 We are happy to announce that on Thursday we bottled Summer Memories, which was brewed in the new brewery Szczyrzycki Browar Cystersów “Gryf”. The place is bigger than our previous one. As for the […]

Hey! This is Fabryka Piwa!

Hey! This is Fabryka Piwa! We hope you like your new webpage and that you will pay us a visit from time to time. Especially this blog, which we intend to keep up to date with news about the company. Cheers!